Top 7 Supermarkets in Finland

Top 7 Supermarkets in Finland

K-markt, CityMarket, Lidl, Alepa, Sale, Prisma and S-Market

Compared to the UK, most supermarkets, especially in the large shopping centers, are very large with a very wide range of items, often including non-food. Due to the alcohol law of Finland you will not be able to buy wine. You will be able to buy mixed drinks and beer with an alcohol content of up to 5%. For wine and other alcoholic beverages you must be in the ALKO (state) stores.
Overall, the prices in the supermarkets are higher than in the UK. K-Market and CityMarket are usually the most expensive and Lidl the cheapest.
Bottles and cans have deposits.

K-Markt and CityMarket

Top 7 supermarkten in Finland k-market

K-Market is the largest supermarket in Finland. K-Market has more than 50% of its shops just 1 km from residential areas. K-Market and CityMarket also offer their own private brands, including K-menu, Pirkka and Europe Shopper. Besides grocery shopping, many K-Market locations also have small cafes, convenience stores and restaurants.


CityMarket is the big brother of K-Market with huge shops mostly located in large malls. The shops have a very wide range of items.



Lidl operates in several regions in Finland. Lidl’s unique selling point is its “pass on the savings to the customer” policy, which emphasises simplicity and waste reduction.
Lidl offers both branded products and its own budget-friendly gourmet products, many of which are produced in one country for distribution in its global network. In addition, the company sources local products from the regions where its shops are located. Lidl is generally the cheapest supermarket.

Alepa / Sale


Alepa is a leading grocery chain in the Helsinki region of Finland. It is part of HOK-Elanto, which belongs to the S Group. The chain has 112 shops across Helsinki and other parts of Finland.
For busy shoppers, Alepa offers a convenient one-stop solution for their shopping. Whether you are looking for meal ingredients or snacks to take to work, Alepa has a wide selection to suit different preferences.



Sale shops, whose prices are generally a bit higher, are mostly located in rural villages.

Prisma and S-Market

Prisma is a budget-friendly hypermarket chain. It is designed as a one-stop shop, with everything from groceries to household items, leisure products and clothing. Prisma stocks more than 11,000 consumer items and has a total of 60,000 products available for customers.
The shops are strategically located near major highways and offer ample parking. The shop layout is open and spacious, making it easy to navigate and find what you need.
Prism locations often have additional amenities such as speciality shops, petrol stations, restaurants and garden centres.



S-Market is another supermarket chain within the S Group, with a focus on providing a wide range of everyday products at competitive prices. Like Prisma, S-Market emphasises convenience and accessibility and caters to a broad spectrum of customer needs.