National Parks in Finland

Finland’s national parks are vast natural areas with the crucial task of safeguarding biodiversity and giving people the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature. The parks have marked hiking trails, nature trails, and campfire sites. 

The ultimate destination for unwinding amidst the breathtaking beauty of Finland’s unspoiled nature is its National Parks. With 41 nature reserves scattered across the country, all of which are free to access and remain open year-round with well-marked trails, there’s ample opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonders of the outdoors. Exploring any of these parks is bound to deepen your appreciation for nature’s splendor.
Whether you’re a solo traveler or adventuring with children, Finland’s parks offer a myriad of experiences to suit every preference. Perhaps you’re drawn to the serene waters of Lapland for a day of fishing and leisurely hikes along accessible paths. Alternatively, you might be intrigued by the chance to spot the endangered Saimaa ringed seal near Savonlinna and Savonranta, embarking on a memorable journey to witness these remarkable creatures in their natural habitat.

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kolovesi national park
Kolovesi National Park

Some of the more than 40 national parks

National parks in the Helsinki region

Sipoonkorpi National Park
There are a variety of activities to discover in Sipoonkorpi National Park. Indulge in the timeless tradition of the smoke sauna, which is located very close to the park at Kuusijärvi café. Go on a geocaching adventure or enjoy the tranquillity of riverside birdwatching. Sipoonkorpi National Park is open to visitors all year round.

Nuuksio National Park
A natural gem in the metropolitan region, Nuuksio National Park offers a tranquil sanctuary to relax and discover the wonders of the northern wilderness. Opt for eco-friendly travel by reaching Nuuksio by bus instead of car. Explore the Finnish nature centre Haltia and set off on one of the many well-signposted hiking trails waiting to be explored.

National parks in the Lakeland region

Kolovesi National Park
Kolovesi National Park is a paddler’s dream come true. Motorised boats are not permitted here, so it’s best to explore the protected island labyrinth by canoe and surround yourself with tranquillity. If you’re lucky, you might come across one of the world’s most endangered and rare seals, the curious and large-eyed Saimaa ringed seal. Don’t miss the 5,000-year-old rock paintings of human figures on the cliff face of Ukonvuori Hill.

Helvetinjärvi National Park
The landscape of Helvetinjärvi National Park is characterised by geological formations that were created millions of years ago. The imposing rocks and shimmering lakes have long been a muse for artists from all eras. Experience the breathtaking views first hand by taking a tour around the jagged cliffs of Helvetinjärvi (Hell Lake) and Helvetinkolu (Hell Hole). After your adventure, take a break for a delicious picnic on the picturesque sandy beach of Haukanhieta and refresh yourself with a dip in the pristine waters of Lake Haukkajärvi.

Linnansaari National Park
Linnansaari National Park  is located in the middle of the enchanting lake landscape and offers a fascinating archipelago landscape with green islands and rugged islets, characterised by its labyrinthine structure. This unique habitat serves as a refuge for the endangered Saimaa ringed seal and the majestic osprey. The island of Linnansaari is easy to reach with regular ferry services and charter boats. For adventurers with their own tents, the park offers excellent opportunities for long canoe trips. In the winter season, the frozen waterways provide perfect conditions for ice skating and there are designated ice tracks to explore.

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