Summer Activities in Finland

In summer the days are very long, you notice that not only in the north of Finland, but also in the south. Ideal for summer activities in Finland, especially when you realize that there is so much space and water to do activities.

summer activities in finland


Cycling is an excellent way to experience a little more of both the city and the countryside than just walking. In Helsinki, if you don’t bring your own bike, you can easily use a bike that is parked in many places. But you can also rent bicycles in many other places and make beautiful trips through nature.

Cycling routes in Finland


wandelen in finland


Walking, whether in the city or in nature, you are in control of your own route and length of the walk. In cities, the local tourist information always has maps to take a walk. Walks have also been set out in all national parks . From simple to for the more experienced hiker. Take a phone and water with you on longer walks.

Hiking in Finland | Hiking and biking in East Finland (Savonlinna, Kerimäki and Savonranta)


kanoen saimaa

Canoeing and rowing

If you want to experience nature in a completely different way and you want to explore Lake Saimaa, you can rent a canoe or kayak and go on tours in many places. From a day trip to multi-day trips where you camp in the great outdoors (you must have some outdoor experience and good swimming skills). You can also rent rowing boats, with or without a whisper motor. But there are also many possibilities in the south around Lahti and Helsinki.

Canoeing & Rowing in Finland


raften in finland


Rafting, it is very exciting to be carried along with the swirling foam in a rubber or wooden boat. If you like rivers and rapids, head north, where the fast-flowing rivers can carry you along. The famous Oulanka National Park in Kuusamo is home to some of Finland’s longest and most varied rapids.

Rafting in Finland


fishing in finland


As the country with the most waters in the world, Finland offers diverse opportunities for catching different types of fish. As much as 10% of Finland’s surface is covered by water. Fishing on the outskirts of a city is just as easy as on a lake in the wilderness. You can go out on your own or join an organized fishing trip.

Fishing in Finland